He loves, cares… and provides

Ever since I was little God has revealed Himself many times to me. He has proven many times that He is listening, that He loves, and that He cares for me. One such way He has revealed Himself is through the Bible and prayer.

The Parable of the Lost Coin and the Lost Sheep (Luke15:1-10) are ones that I hold close to my heart. They show that God cares about the one, that what many see as insignificant He sees as valuable and purposeful.

There are three short stories I would like to share with you: The Bike, The Necklace, and The Ring.

The Bike

I was probably about 8 or 9 years old. My cousin and I had been riding our bikes around the block together for a while before being called in for bed. Now like any child that age, putting things properly away always seems to be a chore – we were no exception, and decided not to put our bikes properly away in the shed where they would be safe from vandalism or theft. To my utter dismay, I awoke in the morning to find that my bike had indeed been stolen. With tears streaming down my face, my cousin and I started to walk around the neighbourhood in hopes of finding the lost bike. Meanwhile, my mom gathered my younger siblings and they prayed that the bike would be found. Not two seconds passed after the “amen” had been said when the doorbell rang. My mom opened the door to find a neighbour, from across the road. He asked, “Did you lose a bike?” Slightly shocked she replied yes.

The bike that he had found was indeed mine.

The Necklace

It was my 11th birthday and as a present I received a necklace from my best friend. Unfortunately that same day I lost the present. Now to anyone else this necklace would have been seen as insignificant and worthless; however, to me it was worth a fortune! You see my best friend would be moving away that year and this would be something to remind me of our close friendship. I looked the large field all through recess, and could not find it anywhere. The next day I went out with my mom and we began to scan the grounds again. I had no idea where I could have dropped it, and the field was so big (two baseball diamonds and a soccer field in size, respectively) we walked for about an hour, back and forth and still nothing. My mom then called me over and told me to pray that we find it. After we prayed I went back to where I had left off and my mom took two steps looked down and there it was.

My necklace was lying in the grass at her feet.

The Ring

I was 16 and on an exchange in Montreal. On this particular day we had to wake up extra early due to the full itinerary. We were supposed to be at the bus pick-up by 7:30 am and on our way there I decided to put lotion on my hands. Now at this point you might be thinking nice putting lotion on your hands, why do I care, well this simple act was the catalyst for an amazing miracle. 578543_679564778742695_150438972_nWhen I was 13 my parents gave me a ring as a present. Nothing super fancy or expensive, but a gift that I cherish to this day and I took this ring off to lotion my hands. We arrived at our destination and without putting my ring back I left the van for the bus. Not 20 minutes into the ride I came to the realization that I had forgotten my ring. Panic! Anxiety! It could not be! Then I stopped and prayed and with my amen I felt an unexplainable peace come over me. I was able to enjoy my day (I even went on my first rollercoaster!) Late that night we returned to the same spot we had been dropped off. Now keep in mind it was dark outside except what little light came from the street incandescent street lamps. I stepped off the bus and looked down.

There was my ring, perfectly nestled in a knoll in the pavement.

In all these instances God showed His love for me by revealing that He cared enough to hear my prayers, even though these items seemed to be of little value. He has shown me time and time again that He cares and loves me. I don’t doubt His love or that He cares, but I continue to doubt His provision. And why? Has He not proven time and again that He provides?

I felt a pull on my heart to go on this journey. For those of you who are unaware I am leaving for France for 10 months to further my education. I have decided to use this trip to stretch my faith. Through my whole planning process for this trip I have seen His hand: all the pieces falling together. There have been and still are moments of worry, but I am continually reminded that my Father provides.

Matthew 6:25-34 … Now that you have looked up that verse… God made this whole I will provide, let Me deal with the details, you just keep on seeking Me, live for today thing easy. God does not try to make life hard, it comes down to where our heads are. We make it hard, so thank God for His patience, love, and care. Thank God that He will provide through our doubt.

So welcome, everyone, to my faith journey! I am excited to see where it takes me.


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