Established in Purpose

The Lord, who rules over all, has made a promise. He has said, “’You can be sure that what I have planned will happen. What I have decided will take place. I will crush the Assyrians in my land. On my mountains I will walk all over them. The yokes they put on my people will be removed. The heavy load they put on their shoulders will be taken away.’ That’s how the Lord carries out his plan all over the world. That’s how he reaches out his powerful hand to punish all the nations. The Lord who rules over all has planned it. Who can stop him? He has reached out his powerful hand. Who can keep him from using it?” Isaiah 14:24-27

I love these verses because they display God’s authority on this earth. A common question I hear is “If there is a God, why do bad things happen?” Now I don’t have a complete answer to that, but I do know this, God would not be a loving God if He did not let life happen. Now before you start jumping to assumptions, I don’t mean that God causes bad things to happen, God is not a dictator, He is a Father. He has given us freewill, which is to be selfish (most of the time), this brings with it a lot of hurt, problems, and sometimes evil. Have you ever noticed how children need to be taught how to share, to be kind, etc.? Being bad is in our nature, and that’s not to say that we can’t overcome it. If God forced good then we would not have the right to choose what we do. However, if all we were able to experience was the good then when bad things happened we would not be able to sympathize or empathize with people; we would become apathetic towards everyone. Pain is not something we wish to experience, but sometimes it’s necessary, sometimes it will serve a greater purpose.

Romans 8:28

Many times this verse is used improperly. It is not to reassure us that there is purpose behind bad things: just try telling someone that their child’s death was for a reason! No, this verse is to reassure us that through all that we experience something good can come of even the worst circumstances – if we love God. I was reminded of this a few years ago when my uncle died.

My uncle had been very sick for a few years. Through his sickness he was able to witness to many people. His sickness was not something to be celebrated, but what he was able to accomplish through that is. Sometimes we have to experience

Psalm 121:1-3
Psalm 121:1-3

certain things (that aren’t always pleasant) for another person. My uncle’s sickness was not profitable to him, but God redeemed this unfortunate situation. Not only was my uncle able to witness to people, but because he was sick many people (like my mom) were placed in situations where they could in turn bless other people and be a light to others.

Satan tries to use our trials, mistakes, and pasts to condemn us. Many times we begin to listen to these lies and tell ourselves that we are too bad to fulfill any purpose. However, while we look behind God, the Father, is looking ahead. He uses our pasts, trials, and mistakes to strengthen us, and to further His kingdom. As we see in Isaiah, God is going to crush the problem that we have (in the verse’s case the Assyrians). Sickness, people, ourselves, nothing can get in the way of God’s purpose for His children.

Psalm 139:13-14

God created each of us with a unique purpose. We need to trust that, as long as we are seeking after God in everything, that purpose will be fulfilled. We have been established under His authority – established in purpose.


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