Push the Limit

It has been almost two weeks since I came to France and already God has been bringing to light a lot of things in my life. One such being, pushing my limits.

The Labyrinth (Courtesy of Champfleuri)
The Labyrinth

During my first few days at Champfleuri we went camping. While camping we played a game: there were three rules: blindfolds stay on, hands must be on the cord, and if you need help, raise your hand! The object of the game was to get through the labyrinth to the finish. Now me being the competitive type was like “ya I can do this, I’m going to beat everyone!” But after a few minutes of questioning the game and its objective realized that it was probably an object lesson, and so I raised my hand.

“Yes, what would you like?” asked the leader. So I asked, “where’s the finish?” which he replied “You need to listen.” Now I was really confused, didn’t he say that if we need help raise our hand? So I kept trying to find the finish, whilst tripping and bumping. Finally it donned on me that maybe I was saying the wrong thing. So I raised my hand again. “Yes, what would you like?”

“I need help.”

Me going through the maze

With that he lifted the blindfold and I saw that there was no way out of the labyrinth. Because I wasn’t the last one I got to watch some more people try to make their way through the maze of cords and this is what I felt God revealing to me.

Pride limits what God does in our lives.

The cord symbolizes life challenges. God sees us going through all of life’s challenges, and what is he doing? He’s telling us, “If you need help come to me! Don’t worry; I have a plan for you! Let go and surrender to me. I am willing and able, seek me – I will be your help.” (Matthew 6:25-26Jeremiah 29:11Psalm 46:1)

Everyone going through the labyrinth needed help. The leader wanted to help us, but what got in the way of their help was our desire to find the end on our own. The leader knew exactly where the end was and was willing to show us, but the thing standing between me and the end was – myself.

I began to see that there are three types of people (generalizing):

  1. The person who can do everything by themselves. This is the person who continues to stumble through the labyrinth because they either want to prove themselves, they don’t want to be seen as weak by asking for help, or they think that they don’t need help. (Proverbs 3:5)
  2. The person who decides to break the rules and leave the maze. This person has decided that they will do much better on their own. However, because they are still blindfolded they end up causing more damage, and get farther away from their goal. (Jonah 1:1-3)
  3. The person who surrenders to the help being offered. They don’t do what I did in the beginning and ask where the end is; they simply respond, “I need help.” (Proverbs 3:6James 4:10)

God wants to show us the path that leads to life (Psalm 16:11), but we constantly get stuck in the labyrinths of life. He isn’t the one who keeps us there, he has already made a way for us to get out, but he has left it up to us to take his hand (Psalm 149:4).

How can we push our limits, allowing God to take over and pride to fade? We push our limits by continually seeking him (Jeremiah 29:13). God cares about us, he hears us when we talk to him (Psalm 34:4), and he has proven that he is faithful (Psalm 55:22Isaiah 41:10).

So people dare yourselves to push the limits, raise your hand, and take hold of the hand that holds the world.

Proverbs 11:2

“… He will be gracious if you ask for help. He will surely respond to the sound of your cries.” (Isaiah 30:18-19)


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