His love song

Have you ever seen a really nice cake, so nice that even the smell tempted you to taste it? And that as long as you don’t sneak a taste you can say no to eating the cake, but once the taste buds have been given a bite the desire for more sets in and it becomes hard to stop eating. Then someone comes along and takes the cake away; however, the craving remains and grows. The craving desires to be satisfied, but even if you ate the whole cake it wouldn’t be.860317_10200691240913183_326466434_o

This is a comparison (definitely not a perfect one) of how it feels when we try to satisfy our emotions by the world’s standards, but I want to especially focus on the desire to be loved. It seems to be something that the world hungers for, yet the world has no way to appease its hunger. In fact, I think that it perpetuates the addiction, making its victims slaves to the drug called love.

I can see how I have been affected by the stories of love told by the world. Fairytales, romantic comedies, romance novels, although I know that these are all stories, there are elements to them that have made a home in the back of my mind. They cause me to fight with myself, searching for what is reality and what is fantasy. They also cause me to reconsider where I am looking to find love. Because when looking in the wrong places the addiction will continue, it will never be satisfied the way it should. It’s time I stop listening to stories and start listening to the truth of His love song.

I am pursued by a love that never tires.

It was not me who loved God first; rather it is he who first loved me. He knew me before I was aware of the world, or the world of me. From before I was, he is. It was because of his loved that he created a plan to pursue his creation, to become connected once again to the ones whom he had molded and shaped. For centuries God has continued to pursue us and never once has he given up on us. Neither has his pursuit weakened.

(1 John 4:19, Psalm 139:13-16, Genesis 3:15, Luke 15:4-5)

I am pursued by a love that satisfies.

(John 4:6-10)

In these verses Jesus begins to explain to the Samaritan woman about the living water. He tells the woman that the living water will satisfy her thirst and give her life. (John 4:13-14) His love satisfies, and it gives life. I can continue to live life trying to fill my need for love, but none is so perfect, nothing so sufficient, as the love that I receive from Jesus and the Father. So as the woman at the well did (John 4:28), I will leave my jar (a vessel used to gather things of the world) by the well, ready to receive the satisfying love of my Father.

I am pursued by a love that heals.

According to Isaiah 53:5, it is by his [Jesus’] wounds that we are healed. Healed from sin, but I also very much believe that we are healed in matters of our hearts. Our hearts become hurt and broken as we go through life. We are all human and as such we hurt each other, even those we love. It is reassuring that God’s love is healing. It will never betray me, change its mind, or lie, but with it I am actually able to mend. The deeper I am in God’s love the more whole I feel.



So God continues everyday to sing me his love song. He wants me to remember who I am to him, that he sent his son for me, so that I can live and be loved forever by him. His love is not determined by who I am or what I do, it is given to me freely: in fact, it pursues me. It is time to listen to his love song, forgetting the world’s empty promises.

I am being pursued. I am already loved.


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