I’m a warrior (pt. 2)

Shield of Faith

Q1: Why a shield? A shield is a tool of interception. It stops the flaming darts before they come in contact with the armour.

Q2: What is faith? “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1) By building up this faith in God and trusting that all his promises for me will come to fruition, when I am told that I can’t or that I’m not enough, I can hold onto him. My assurance is in him who I cannot see.

Q3: What does that mean for us? If our faith in God is strong then we can stop anything that the enemy comes at us with before it pierces other pieces of armour. We can move forward knowing where our hope lies and that we can be confident in him.

Helmet of Salvation

Q1: Why a helmet? The purpose of a helmet is to protect the head. The head is usually associated with logic, rationality, and discernment. Injure this and it is easy to render the body immobile.

Q2: What is salvation? The salvation that is named is not the salvation of Christ due to the fact that it is the followers of God who are in his army. By definition salvation means to protect or deliver from harm. For me this refers to protecting our minds from harm, from thinking in circles that stir up skepticism and doubt. (Romans 12:2)

Q3: What does this mean for us? Over-thinking things can become our worst enemy. It can cause us to sew seeds of doubt in our mind. There are times where are doubts allow us to ask questions and grow, but the problem is when we doubt what we already know to be truth. By protecting our thoughts we prevent unnecessary skepticism and doubts, in the end we are able to trust in the promises of God.1441278_528110397284326_1542076766_n

Sword of the Spirit

Q1: Why a sword? A sword isn’t a piece of armour; rather, it’s a weapon. We aren’t only equipped for defense, but also for the offense. Swords are used both to deflect blows and to give blows.

Q2: What is the sword of the Spirit? This is the only article that Paul actually explicitly defines. At the end of verse 12 in Ephesians 6 it states that the sword of the Spirit “is the word of God.” In Hebrews 4:12 it describes the word of God as being sharper than any double-edged sword! Continuing on in Ephesians though, verse 18, Paul tells us to also pray in Spirit (referring to the Holy Spirit.) So to me this means that the sword of the Spirit is a combination of the Bible and the movement of the Holy Spirit in our prayers and when we read the Bible.

Q3: What does that mean for us? Reading the Bible regularly and not only reading, but also memorizing scripture is necessary to keep our swords sharp. In doing this we can overcome temptation (like Jesus Matthew 4:1-11). Every response Jesus gave to Satan was scripture. We can also see the promises of God and hold to them when we go through struggles. Words have power and there is no exception to our prayers and the word of God. The Holy Spirit is power, and it resides in us.


So now we see the armour that God has given to us. Because of this we don’t remain helpless children needing God to always fight our battles. He does fight with us and for us, but he also gives us the tools to go forward into battle as well. It is our job to be diligent in maintaining the armour of God so that it will continue to be effective.

Therefore put on the armour of God, knowing that you are the child of one who has already conquered, and with that you are also a conqueror. There is a constant battle raging on, so to arms warriors! Remember who goes before us.


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