Turning a page

Depuis le début de mon aventure à Lyon j’ai été tellement béni. Je me rappelle le premier jour à Lyon ; j’étais accueilli par des super hommes devant l’église et plus tard j’ai rencontré d’autres super hommes et femmes qui m’ont invitée à manger avec eux ! En fait, chaque moment de ce jour-là j’ai vu que Jésus était avec moi et qu’il avait déjà planifié tous mes pas. Je veux vous remercier (toutes ma famille de Hillsong) grâce à Dieu je vous ai trouvé et vous m’avez montré l’amour de Jésus. Vous m’allez manquer beaucoup, beaucoup ! Je ne veux pas dire « au revoir » ou « adieu », non, je dis « à la prochaine. »

Since the beginning of my adventure in Lyon I have been so blessed. I am reminded of my first day in Lyon; some super guys in front of the church welcomed me and later I met other super guys and ladies who invited me to eat with them! Really each moment of that day I saw that Jesus was with me and that he had already planned every step. I want to thank you (all my Hillsong family) thanks to God I found you and you also showed me the love of Jesus. I will miss you a lot! I don’t want to say, “good-bye”, or “adieu”, so I will say, “until the next time.”

HPIM5607Before I came to France I told God that I wanted two things to happen. 1) I wanted God to use me somehow and 2) I wanted God to show me how he was (and is) my provider. Well looking back at my journey I am truly amazed at how he has definitely exceeded all my expectations in answering those two requests. There are really too many stories to recount in my minimal word count, so instead I will tell you about three things that I have learnt (accompanied by some little stories.)

  1. God is faithful to the end.

There were definitely moments where I felt like God had forgot about me. When November had come around and I still had not found I place to live in Lyon I began to panic and felt slightly abandoned. Of course this was not the case. In fact, as always God’s timing is always perfect and with hindsight I see how by not having a place to live when I came to Lyon I was able to be a blessing to a lady that I hold very dear. HPIM6400.JPGHe orchestrated all the pieces so that I could share my faith and relationship with God to her and tell her that she was also a blessing to me. As well, our relationship did not end when I left her Airbnb, but continued for the duration of my stay in Lyon. Even when I had given up some hope and had my doubts on whether God was going to come through, he worked in his own perfect way.

(Joshua 1:9)

  1. God gives opportunity and provides.

When I first came to Hillsong I heard of an opportunity to attend what they call “Evening College.” This particular course had to do with leadership and I really wanted to go, but I didn’t have it in my budget to go. After contemplating the decision I finally just said to

Some wonderful friends

God, “Alright if you want me to go you are going to have to give me the money somehow.” Not two days later did a new friend from church give me an envelop with the exact amount of money that I needed to take the class. God heard my prayers and not only presented me with the opportunity to go to “Evening College”, but he also provided a way to go.

(Matthew 6:33)

  1. God gave us the gift of a Christian family.

The first Sunday that I arrived at Hillsong will not soon be forgotten. I felt completely lost, alone, and a bit afraid. However, when I walked through the door of Hillsong I felt like I

My family

was home and surrounded by family. It was really a blessing to have all these people who did not know me, but knew that I had no where to go, come together to help me out like it was their mission. I don’t know what I would’ve done if God had not given me my Christian family – in other words, my family not by blood. God has given us this support system that crosses borders and blood, bonded by the love of Christ.

(John 13:34-35)

Well thank you to all who have been following my adventures and escapades. I hope that I have been able to encourage you all in your own faith walks. It has been a joy to write about my faith and what I am learning. God uses all of our passions.

Be blessed!

Merci à tous qui m’a suivi et mes aventures. J’espère que j’ai été encourageant à votre foi. C’était bien d’écrire à propos de ma foi et ce que j’apprends. Dieu utilise toutes nos passions.

Soyez bénis !

Bienvenue à la maison!

(Matthew 10:29-31)


One thought on “Turning a page

  1. Thank you Camilla, Gradma and I love you. Thank you for sharing your heart before you left and thank you for all the blogs and stories about your journey. You have blessed us with your insight into God’s word and how he has lead you in your journey. Excited that Lord willing we will hug you soon.❤️🙏🎉


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